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The WIA Scholarship, The WIA Foundation - AIAA Digital Avionics Scholarship, and The WIA Foundation - Orbital ATK Scholarship
for the 2016-2017 school year.
Applications Due June 22, 2016

The scholarship recipients will be honored at the WIA Awards Dinner & Ceremony on October 13, 2016.


WIA Foundation Background

Founded in 2009, the Women in Aerospace (WIA) Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit, tax-exempt educational organization created with three missions:

  1. Increase public awareness of the importance and benefits of the aerospace field.
  2. Increase public appreciation for aerospace science and technology.
  3. Inspire female students to develop the skill sets required to innovate and assume leadership roles in the development of technology in the aerospace field.

The Foundation partly accomplishes its purpose by providing scholarships to women who study engineering, math or science at the undergraduate level, and thereby (i) encourage women to enter careers in the aerospace field, (ii) expand women's opportunities for leadership in aerospace, and (iii) increase women's visibility in the aerospace community.

To that end, the WIA Foundation will award a $2,000 scholarship per year to a woman who is a rising senior in college studying engineering, math or science, thus encouraging women to enter careers in the aerospace field.

To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.

WIA Foundation Financial Goals

The current financial goals of the WIA Foundation are twofold:

  • To establish an initial $50,000 endowment to perpetually fund the scholarship program
  • To establish relationships with individuals and corporations to fund “named” scholarships or educational programs

To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.

WIA Foundation Scholarship Information

The WIA Foundation is pleased to provide scholarships to women interested in a career in the aerospace field to pursue higher education degrees in engineering, math or science. One or more awards will be given each year to a rising senior in college, to be applied during the upcoming academic year.

To be eligible for the WIA Foundation Scholarship, an applicant must be interested in pursuing a career in the aerospace field and be a rising junior or senior working towards a bachelor’s degree in engineering, math or science. An applicant must have completed at least two and a half academic years of full-time college work at the time of application and must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States or its territories, and plan to be enrolled in the subsequent academic year. Each applicant must have a college grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants must be female of any nationality. Applications will be available on or about November 1 for the subsequent academic year.

The scholarship timeline is as follows:
Early November:Announcement and call for scholarship applicants
June 22, 2016:Application Deadline
Late July:Scholarship recipient announcement
October 13, 2016:Scholarship recipient honored at WIA Awards Banquet in Washington, DC.

To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.

WIA Announces Scholarship Recipients for 2015-2016 School Year

Washington, DC – The Women in Aerospace (WIA) Foundation, Inc. is delighted to announce Rose Weinstein, Amanda Martin, and Margaret Thompson as the recipients of WIA Foundation Scholarships. Each will receive a $2,000 scholarship to be applied to the 2015-2016 academic year.

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin

Amanda is studying Professional Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She is a very driven individual, who has many career goals. In particular, Amanda wants to help create the first manned vehicle to land on Mars. Apart from her professional goals, this aspiring NASA researcher has already made numerous accomplishments in her previous career in the U.S. Air Force. What’s more, is this outstanding recipient of various awards and medals also has a deep passion for civic and community engagement. In fact, Amanda proudly lists her involvement as an Emergency Medic and a New Coast Guard Auxiliary Member as some of her more important extracurricular activities to date.

Margaret Thompson

Margaret Thompson

Margaret is studying Astrophysics at Princeton University. She has held numerous research positions throughout her academic career. Just this past summer she worked at the American Museum of National History in New York in the Hayden Planetarium. She researched the white dwarf-main sequence binary star systems using data from the Hubble Space Telescope. After completing her undergraduate studies, Margaret intends on continuing on with her education by attending graduate school. She hopes to later become a leading astrophysicist.

Rose Weinstein

Rose Weinstein

Rose is studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland-College Park. She has plans to pursue a career in the field of Flight Test Engineering (FTE). Her academic prowess and her attention to detail make her stand out among her peers. As Dr. James E. Hubbard, Jr. is quoted regarding her performance in the NASA Langley Summer Scholars Program (LARSS), “My entire group [of researchers] was shocked at the effort and attention to detail that she displayed.” She also has great initiative as she helped form a new student group on her campus called the Women in Aerospace and Astronautics, which aims to empower women with opportunities for leadership, technical and professional development, networking, outreach, and advocacy.

The WIA Foundation scholarships are funded by generous donations of individuals and corporations around the aerospace community. The WIA Foundation Board, WIA Board, and others in the aerospace community continue to contribute ongoing financial support. This investment is creating an endowment fund to support the success of the Foundation's programs and ensure the scholarship program continues in perpetuity.

The scholarships and recognition were presented at the 30th Annual WIA Awards Banquet on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. This event drew nearly 400 people to celebrate the tremendous accomplishments of women throughout the aerospace community. For more information and specifics about the 2015-2016 scholarship, contact

Click here to view the WIA Awards Dinner press release.

WIA Foundation Scholarship Recipients

2015 Winners:
2015 Recipients: Rose Weinstein and Amanda Martin, Maggie Thompson not pictured
WIA Foundation Scholarship recipients, Rose Weinstein (left) and Amanda Martin (right) are congratulated by WIA Foundation President Dianne Sosa (center). The third 2015 scholarship recipient was Maggie Thompson (not pictured).

Click here for more information on the 2015 winners.

2014 Winners:
2014 Recipients: Lauren Trollinger and Emily Zimovan, Jessica Felde not pictured
2014 WIA Foundation Scholarship recipients Lauren Trollinger (left) and Emily Zimovan (right) are congratulated by Immediate WIA Foundation Past President Annalisa Weigel (center) at the WIA Annual Awards Ceremony in Arlington, VA held on October 29, 2014. The third 2014 scholarship winner was Jessica Felde (not pictured).

Click here for more information on the 2014 winners.

2013 Winners:
2013 Recipients: Erin Kirchmeier and Samantha Rawlins
2013 WIA Foundation Scholarship recipients Erin Kirchmeier (left) and Samantha Rowlins (right) at the WIA Annual Awards Ceremony in Arlington, VA held on October 29, 2013.

Click here for more information on the 2013 winners.

2012 Recipient: Kirstyn Johson
2012 Recipient: Kirstyn Johson
2012 WIA Foundation Scholarship recipient Kirstyn Johnson (left) is congratulated by WIA Foundation Immediate Past President Debra Facktor Lepore (right) at the WIA Annual Awards Ceremony in Arlington, VA on November 1, 2012.

Click here for more information on Kirstyn Johnson.

2011 Recipient: Salvador A. Valdes
Sal Valdes
2011 WIA Foundation Scholarship recipient Salvador Valdes (right) is congratulated by NOAA Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Environmental Observation and Prediction Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, (left) and Leadership Award recipient Col. Laura J. Richardson (center) at the WIA Annual Awards Ceremony in Arlington, VA on November 1, 2011.

Click here for more information on Sal Valdes.

2010 Inaugural Recipient: Whitney Lohmeyer
Whitney Lohmeyer
WIA Foundation Scholarship recipient Whitney Lohmeyer (center) is congratulated by NASA Administrator Charles J. Bolden Jr., (left) and Deputy Administrator Lori Garver (right) at the WIA Annual Awards Ceremony in Arlington, VA on October 26, 2010.
   — Photo by Bill Ingalls/NASA

Click here for more information on Whitney Lohmeyer.

To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.

Giving to the WIA Foundation

The WIA Foundation invites you to join an extraordinary group of people and organizations dedicated to the advancement of women in the aerospace profession. Gifts of any amount will make a big difference in the lives of young women pursuing careers in aerospace and will positively impact the future of our industry.

Annual gifts to the WIA Foundation make our scholarship program happen. We currently have two giving options available, and invite you to participate in one or both options:

The WIA Foundation Endowment Fund: The Endowment Fund supports the success of the Foundation’s programs. By utilizing the interest earned from the Fund, the Foundation maintains a stable, long-term source of income. Your gift to the Endowment Fund allows the Foundation to provide an annual scholarship and enable gradual expansion for additional scholarships and higher dollar values. The Endowment ensures the program continues in perpetuity.

Named Gifts: A special perpetual honor, gifts of $30,000 or more may be named for an individual, family or corporation. This is an outstanding opportunity for recognition and tribute. A named gift will ensure recognition of a special person or organization and will also ensure a scholarship or specific educational program meets the mutual interests of the donor, the Foundation, and our community.

Please join us in encouraging young women to pursue careers in aerospace by studying engineering, math and science at the college level by making your gift to the WIA Foundation today.

To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.

Make your check payable to: “WIA Foundation” and mail your donation to:
WIA Foundation
204 E Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Benefits of Giving to the WIA Foundation

In appreciation for your gift, the WIA Foundation will provide recognition within the aerospace community for all donors. Specifically, you will receive:

  • Inclusion on the Donor Honor Roll page on the WIA Foundation website
  • Recognition in one issue of the WIA Quarterly Newsletter
  • Recognition in the WIA Annual Awards Dinner Program

To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.

WIA Foundation Donor Roll Call

The following organizations and individuals have graciously provided support to the WIA Foundation. In particular the WIA Foundation recognizes the commitment of Women in Aerospace board members and officers – past, present, and future – for their personal contributions in making the Foundation a reality.


  • Orbital ATK
  • BAE Systems
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • The Boeing Company
  • Digital Avionics Technical Committee (AIAA)
  • EADs North America
  • Scitor


  • Deborah Alderson
  • Samantha Segall Anderson
  • Carol Aragon-Smith
  • Deborah Barnhart
  • Stephanie Bednarek
  • Elizabeth Billman
  • Angie Bukley
  • Bob Burke
  • Cynthia Castillo
  • Katherine Chambers
  • Lucia Chavez
  • Harry Cikanek III
  • Giovanna Cinelli
  • Sandy Coleman
  • Anne Connor
  • Randall Correll
  • Angela Phillips Diaz
  • Lynn F.H. Cline
  • Tamar Eskin
  • Sara Fuentes
  • Jeffrey Foust
  • Martin Frederick
  • Bill Gail
  • Karen Gebhart
  • Madhulika Guhathakurta
  • Rachel Guill
  • Jessica Hairston
  • Barry Hamilton
  • Jennifer Hoil
  • Richard Irving
  • Suzanne Jenniches
  • Linda Karanian
  • Janet Karika
  • Diane Kirkpatrick
  • James Kirkpatrick
  • Daryle Lademan
  • Alan Ladwig
  • Carol Lane
  • Wiley Larson
  • Kathleen Laurini
  • Renee Leduc Clarke
  • Laurie Leshin
  • Debra Facktor Lepore
  • Cindy Malawy
  • Molly Mccauley
  • Peter McGrath
  • Richard McKinney
  • Valerie Neal
  • Sophia Neekoranik
  • Annita Nerses
  • Colleen Oresky
  • Amy Rasmussen
  • Christina Recascino
  • Margaret Roberts
  • Nancy Grace Roman
  • Lillian Ryals
  • Mina Samii
  • Rosanna Sattler
  • Jane Schnaars
  • Gwynne Shotwell
  • Stephanie Schierholz
  • Merrie Scott
  • Kay Sears
  • Sarah Sloan
  • Judy Smith
  • Dianne Sosa
  • Carol Staubach
  • Suzy Sterner
  • Joseph Suarez
  • Katherine Tamer
  • John Tylko
  • Dinesh Verma
  • Bruce Wald
  • Annalisa Weigel
  • Karen Yasumura
  • Amanda Zuber

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To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.

WIA Foundation Leadership

The WIA Foundation Leadership consists of:

  • President, Dianne Sosa, Vice President, Strategic Pursuits, ERT, Inc.
  • Dana Johnson, Senior Advisor, Space Policy, U.S. Department of State
  • Molly Macauley, Vice President, Resources for the Future

To contribute to the WIA Foundation or for further information, please contact the WIA Foundation at or 202-547-0229.